Shofu EyeSpecial C-IV

1.417.875 Ft

The EyeSpecial digital dental camera is designed exclusively for dentistry, ideal for dental/orthodontic photography, case presentations and at the bench in the laboratory. The stylish and smart EyeSpecial offers 12 megapixels, intuitive one-touch operations, ultra-lightweight sleek body design and a large LCD touchscreen which allows the user to view and scroll through images effortlessly, even with a gloved hand. The EyeSpecial adds consistency and efficiency to all your dental photography needs.

EyeSpecial Designed Exclusively for Dentistry

  • 9 shooting modes – Easier, faster and more reproducible images
  • Smart – Fast autofocusing capabilities – Anti-shake mode built-in – User-friendly
  • Water and chemical resistant – Essential for infection control in the office
  • Large LCD touchscreen – Built-in grid lines for easy line-up and cropping
  • Exceptional depth of field range
  • High performance 49 mm close-up lens
  • HIPAA compliant – protects patient privacy and security*


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Kamera: E0021
Speciális polár szűrő lencse: E0022
Táska: E0001NK