AdvErL Evo

Virtually painless treatment

The Er:YAG laser eliminates the vibration of a drilling handpiece providing a comfortable treatment option. Morita’s AdvErL Evo, an Er:YAG laser, combines a stylish design with all the essential features of a laser treatment unit.

It is efficient, easy on patients, and useful for several treatment applications with a wide variety of tips.

With more than 20 years’ experience in the dental market, Morita is able to offer with its AdvErL Evo a highly sophisticated system which supports the profitability and efficiency of dental practices in a wide variety of ways. From periodontics, through implantology to peri-implantitis or endodontics – Er:YAG lasers have a large performance range. Morita offers a solution for this wide range of indications: An Er:YAG laser which is impressive not only because of its performance data. The design of the handpiece, the innovative and patented tips and the intuitive operation ensure safe and harmonious integration into the therapy concepts of the practice.


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Virtually painless

The wavelength of the Er:YAG laser is most suitable for dental treatments, because it is readily absorbed by water. Therefore, it efficiently vaporizes human tissue that has high water content and only affects the surface of that tissue. In consequence it produces very little heat which reduces pain to a minimum. There is almost no heating with Er:YAG. Implants hardly heat up at all even when irradiated. The integration bone will not be damaged.
The Morita Er:YAG produces very little heat which keeps discomfort to a minimum, prevents damage to deeper layers and to material like implants. This is the major key for successful osseointegration.

No heating and precise treatment with minimum power

Unlike CO2 and Nd:YAG lasers, vaporization is concentrated at the surface of the tissue so the energy does not penetrate and damage deeper layers of tissue. It is also far less likely to produce cracks in the enamel, and it does not disperse energy to the area surrounding the irradiation target. There is almost no heating with Er:YAG. Implants hardly heat up at all even when irradiated.
The integration bone will not be damaged. The healing process is faster, since no heat damages occur. Caries is treated faster and without any damage to the teeth.

A scaler-formed handpiece for a better access

The AdvErL Evo handpiece is designed similar to a scaler handpiece and therefore offers a better access and a direct view to the preparation area – a unique feature of Morita. As a consequence, you can treat your patients very precise.

Adjustable handpiece hanger

The hanger is attached to the unit with a magnet so that it remains secure. The position of the handpiece hanger can be adjusted to suit the individual dentist.

Innovative laser tips

The unique feature of AdvErL Evo are the tips. Water and air supply are integrated into the tip where the laser beam is transmitted and emitted.

Ease of use

Intuitive interface
The display is large, easy to read, and has an intuitive design. All settings can be easily confirmed at a glance. There are 20 pre-programmed settings that can be easily retrieved. This feature pinpoint aligns the flow of the spray.

Infection control

The handpiece, the hanger, the tips and the tips stand can be autoclaved for enhanced infection control.